Wanting to be

A melody to wait for
A feather braided in the shake of the hand

A circle embracing, making a hole
kept inside a flower as it opens up


Alone the face is a park to walk through
rest, violence, dark spots among light trunks

You go from the body like a shadow, drifting
towards the end of the enclosure. Reocurring in the dream
are fences, mirrors, closets. The next border
is rocks, sand through breath, awakening

To stay, to turn with a flashing head
To let memory fall like a thorn or a tear in the fire


The tongue sticks to the ground, the bushes
The words sticks to the hair, the nails
The insides of fingers to the outsides of houses
Landscape and smiles repeating themselves as they are to disappear

You dance


The voice comes from the grass, picking up light

You are kept in places beyond faces and gardens
You are kept like yes fits in no

You say: Building a cloud is all it takes in my world

To search the sky in the surface of water
To open a bridge through the air

-Sara Hallström, 2008