Vernissage on Saturday – noon ’til 4pm.

Show on 8 May – 30 May.

Trinidad Carrillo – Observations of Oneiros and the Ivory gate.

In Trinidad Carrillo’s visual world, magic is natural. Time, places, cultures and people flow together both in everyday life and beyond the real. The photographs often depict the gap between dream and wakefulness, between the outer and the inner. Trinidad Carrillo works with an indefinable eerieness that is at times difficult to dwell in.

A good starting point for absorbing Trinidad Carrillo’s art is to think of the author and activist Rebecca Solnit’s book A field guide to getting lost. There, Solnit elevates the feeling and liberation of being lost. It is precisely when you are lost that you become fully aware of where you are. You feel with your whole body, take in everything you have around you to understand where you have ended up. When you are in that situation, you learn something completely new about the world. It expands and becomes larger than your previous knowledge of it.

Trinidad Carrillo’s images are close to the aesthetics of documentary photography – a genre that has traditionally claimed to depict reality. She does art through photography but it is still reality, although a reality where she herself has powers. As if the portraits of plants were taken by a witch seeking power and knowledge that has been long lost. A knowledge that many indigenous peoples had and in some cases still have. The pictures can be considered as a documentation of seances during trance, the same condition Hilma af Klint depicts in her paintings. The supernatural would not have to be considered supernatural. Trinidad Carrillo shows the way back to a kind of harmony with nature. To allow magic to exist.


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