I wrote this song during the winter in Lima half a year ago, surrounded by Angel Trumpets, figs and what not in the garden of my brother and master from the magic realm. He´s been bothering me about recording it since. It´s when I learned I´m never alone and never have been. I also have a little follower that glows in the dark who has been insisting on this one too… here you go.


I said baby come home even though I´m the one
Who left on a journey to find
My peace of ming
Baby come with me next time

Baby the light is still o
Just so in case you´d come home
Send me a line so I know you´re alive
Make us a song so you know you´re in love

Tonight all the stars may be hidden
But I´ve a whole garden to scent
The fire in me is still breathing with sparks
But how I miss the sound of your heart

I´ve seen how your mind can wake up gloomy
I wish I had a quick fix, a secret to share
Here I hold out my hand to a scared horse running wild
If only you could calm down you´d see me

I see every line of your smile as soon as I close my eyes
It feels as if it´s been such a long time
The sound your skin makes as I dream myself in it
I´ve gotten so used to your touch

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