Trinidad Carrillo

Installation views

Laniakea - from the bird's brain (2019)

Laniakea - from the bird's brain.
I thought about the people (politicians) that were gonna move in this space/facility: thoughts on huma...

Within the Scope of Independency, Husby Konsthall, Sthlm (2017)

I was invited by my dear friend, professor and colleague Tuija Lindström to make an exhibition together. We talked for almost a year on t...

Revision, 3e våningen, Göteborg (2017)

Ingredients for the installation Mycelium Magic: Studies and Incubation:

More or less one year's doomed sms exchange between a former ...

Död Stjärna, Mörk Sjö - Nemeshallen, Mölnlycke (2016)

For Nemeshallen I selected 21 images out of 51 from the series "Death Star, Dark Lake". Death Star Dark Lake reflects on a black hole in ...

Ceviche Ltd, London (2015)

Död Stjärna, Mörk Sjö / Dead Star, Dark Sea - Trollhättans Konsthall (2015)

Between Realities, Hasselblad Center (2014)

Mellan verkligheter. Fotografi i Sverige 1970–2000.
Between Realities. Swedish photography 1970-2000.
Hasselblad Center 2014

Det Synliga, Artipelag (2014)

Anacoluto, Bienal de fotografía de Lima, Centro Cultural Inca Garcilaso (2014)

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