Trinidad Carrillo


Spectrograms from Kingdom Plantae (2019)

Permanent installations at the geriatrics Huddinge Hospital, Stockholm.

All pictures 80 cm high, width varies from 340 cm to 470 cm.

A short story on Dragons (2019)

Anteckningar från slutet / Notes from the end, 2019.
By Marit Kapla.
3 dagar före nyårsafton

Det är natt.

Luften är rå.

Ett la...

Nests (2017)

Magick Woods (2017)

These are part of an ongoing project that hopefully one day will result in a herbarium of very special plants. Different sizes and shown ...

Braiding: 1997 and ongoing

Braiding alludes to how realities, people, things, places and time intertwine.

The Name from Mars is a promise to those things you can...

Between the 6th and 7th hour (2011-2013)

Installations and commissions

Skogsrået (2012)

Miniatures ca 5x5cm silicon mounted behind plexiglass.

See documentation: Galleri Monica Strandberg 2012

Collage (2016)



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